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    March 04, 2007



    Thanks for the Flyte review. It sounds like a great place! We've been wanting to check it out. I hate waiting well past reservation time. I'll keep that in mind and eat a huge apple before going!

    Anti-big diamond guy - I am so appalled! If the huge diamond was of poor quality, maybe then it would look costumey and fake-o. The time to tell friends and family is AFTER the romantic dinner with your now fiancee.

    Scott Sears

    I'm one of the owners of Flyte World Dining & Wine. I think this review is extremely objective, detailed and accurate. I have a couple of tidbits which may provide some additional color:
    1) The tux/jeans paradox was due to a large pre-symphony crowd that evening. We're usually elegant-casual attire, and that was the first night we've ever seen Tuxedos in Flyte. I thought it was kinda cool, but certainly not the norm. We want to be a restaurant that doesn't dictate what you wear, since we believe fine dining shouldn't only be enjoyed by those wearing a jacket and tie.
    2) Waiting for a reservation is only a Saturday night occurrence, and we're working hard to resolve this. 30 minutes is VERY long, and very unusual. The usual wait for a Saturday reservation might be 15 minutes during the very busy 8:00-9:00 hour. The cause is that people seem to LOVE to hang out after their meal. Last Saturday we had a table of ten sit for three hours. Usually, we will move a table into the bar to solve this problem... but when the bar is full, there's no option but to let them camp out, as they say. In response, we take fewer and fewer reservations for Saturday night hoping to find the sweet spot where we can accommodate as many customers as possible without making anyone wait.
    3) The noise is also only a Saturday night problem (if you don't like a noisy restaurant). It is the only night when both the dining room and bar are completely packed, and for some reason people seem to be a lot louder on Saturday...perhaps because they are camping out and having an extra glass of wine? By the way, there are some tables which are quieter than others... the chef's table area is the quietest of all. Next time ask for a quiet area and we'll do our best to seat you at one of those tables.
    4) Flyte serves over 70 wines by the glass, which means we have over 70 open bottles at any given time. Unfortunately, this means we pour a lot of wine down the drain, since we won't serve oxidized wine to our customers. Pouring wine down the drain means higher glass prices, but to offset this we have lowered our bottle prices. (Which unfortunatley makes the glass prices look even higher.) When you consider the wide array of choices you have for a high-quality glass of wine, we believe the value is appropriate... particularly for the wine Flytes, which require three times the labor cost, glassware cost and allow you to taste three quality wines. Most of our wine-loving customers appreciate the availabiltiy of the wine Flytes and understand the necessity of the slightly higher cost per ounce. (By the way, we also provide free tastings of any wine you want, which also has to figure into the glass and Flyte prices.)
    Thanks for the in-depth, and objective review! Please introduce yourself the next time you are in the restaurant.


    Scott's right - great review, but I'm sorry, the last paragraph has got to be my favorite..."grade-A lame". HAHA - I love it.

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