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    May 28, 2008



    Ooh, I've never heard of a strawberry huller. Your cake is beautiful--I imagine the strawberries went very well.

    Renee Kranking

    Bravo! Your cake looks great.


    I just bought my first strawberry huller last weekend!!!
    Congrats on completing the challenge :)


    oooh, gorgeous! and the mini one is so cute!

    Rebecca Schmitz

    I just wanted to see what another strawberry-and-lemon fan did with her cake. My lemon buttercream was liquid--well, more like curd--until I refrigerated it and beat it a second time. Yours looks great!


    Lemon and strawberry sounds wonderful! Your cake looks great and I love the little round mini cake!


    I love the dipped berries on the top, and the berry layer in between, a nice tart element to a rich cake. And you can never have enough kitchen gadgets!


    Mmmm yum. Those strawberries on top are to die for! Great idea!!


    Great job on your cake! Love the pics!


    Strawberry lemonade, with a French pastry twist... I love it. Great job with May's challenge!

    And I wouldn't part with either my strawberry huller or my cherry pitter (which also works for olives)


    Nice job! I don't think I realized that there was such a thing as a strawberry huller OR a cherry pitter. Of course now I must have both.


    I like the matching chocolate-dipped strawberry! Very cute!


    So very pretty. What great timing for this cake to be made during strawberry season.


    My mom lives in TN and just got a flat of strawberries from a farm around where she lives. I was quite jealous. Your cake looks great...and I'm a bit partial to the round ones, too!


    Absolutely gorgeous! Can't get enough strawberries this year. Thanks for the tip on the huller, too. I'd always wondered if they were worth it.


    Your strawberry version sounds delicious! Great job!


    Okay, where did you get your strawberry huller?? I read about one that OXO makes, but I haven't been able to find it ANYWHERE.


    Mouth watering. I love strawberries. There's nothing wrong with having the right tool for the job.

    Happy (belated) Birthday! Yours is just 4 days before mine.


    Your cake looks great! The strawberries look really good, it must have tasted so refreshing.

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