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    May 25, 2008



    I know just the book for you; Alden Amos's Big Book of Handspinning. I read it all the way through and learned alot. I think the library might have it.




    Your yarn looks awesome in these pictures! I mean, not that it doesn't in real life, too. You know what I mean. Anyways, I'm glad you liked there a wheel in your future?

    Also, I just recently bought this book called Start Spinning that I think Interweave just came out's pretty nice. Lots of pictures. If I drop by MeetUp tomorrow (Are you coming? STR?), you can borrow it. ;)



    You can get the Alden Amos Big Book of Spinning fairly inexpensively at tax, no shipping, just sayin...

    Kim, you were a natural at spinning and picked it up in no time once you had a wheel and an orifice hook :) You picked it up at the beginning much easier than I did.

    We have a spinning group that meets the second Saturdady of each month in Nashville. You are welcome to come and you can sit with Erin or me and we would be happy to help get you a little further on your spinning career. If you let us know you were coming, I have an extra wheel and could bring one for you to spin on.

    As for your rose colored yarn, many spinners spin very fine yarn (as in thin) and it is hard for them to spin a yarn such as yours on purpose. Cherish that yarn and know it could be called art yarn. As you become a more experienced spinner, it will be harder for you to achieve that look :) Congrats on picking it up so quickly.

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