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    July 09, 2008



    Erin's wheel came from a hyperlink war we were having over sock yarn. We were each enabling each other. I upped the ante and said "Hey, Erin, why don't you come to spin on Saturday and I will bring a wheel and let you see if you like it." Hehehe (evil wicked grin) and a wheel later, Erin is spinning and even talking about another wheel in her future.

    Now here is Kim. I loved reading your blog post about this. I thought exactly the same thing several years ago...."I don't have time to knit all the things I want to knit, why would I want to spin???" Hmm. The rest is history. I can't wait to see your wheel on Saturday.



    HAhaHahahahahahahahha!! Here's the thing - I *knew* this would happen!! Doesn't take much, does it?? I can't wait to see your yarn.



    Yeah, it doesn't take much to get sucked into spinning ;P. I see that you were like me, eating? yeah in a min, I'm spinning ;P. hehe But it really is only natural to spin if you knit, how cool is it to make something from "almost" scratch? (when you learn how to turn the fleece into roving you can call it "from scratch", unless you're a purist and then you have to raise your own fiber animal too :P.)

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