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    October 03, 2008


    Heidi A.

    That is gorgeous and I can't believe how quickly you got it done. Even with chunky yarn. I am sure they will *love* it. I'm looking to start an afghan for my brother-in-law, was also looking at Malabrigo bulky + a simple lace pattern.


    It's absolutely stunning! It looks so soft and cozy. I don't think I could give it away.

    How many skeins of yarn did it take? Now I'm jonesing to pick up some Malabrigo and knit my heart out...


    Wow! That is just gorgeous! I love how it looks like dappled light on water. I would die if I got that as a gift (in a good way) :o)


    i love it too; it looks fab in blues . . . kinda like looking at leaves through water. what an excellent gift!


    Oh my goodness! What a thoughtful and lovely gift. Good for you!
    I was giggling yesterday when I read it was a Mennonite and lesbian wedding. What a fun combination. I'd love to hear more of the details. How does their community accept same-sex couples, etc...


    Absolutely stunning. I hope you make one for yourself!


    That's absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure they will love and cherish this blanket. I like the color you chose, very nice shades of blue. And wow,you completed this in 15 days!


    That is gorgeous!! What a wonderful gift!


    You can send me one of your throws anytime - gorgeous!


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